BA, NVDA, V updates 01/05

BA: High flyer for sure. Look at that massive third of a third wave. Amazing. I see a (red) intermediate-iii target at $313 then intermediate-iv down to ideally $233 (the 100% extension) and intermediate-v back up to $361 (the 200% extension for a v=i relationship). That should then conclude (yellow) major-3. Since major-3 was so extended it’s a bit hard to predict where major-4 will bottom, but expect $260s or. That’s at least a  30+% hair cut by then… I am not sure if many long term investors even want to sit that out…. Since BA is a major component of the DJIA, one could deduct that this would be the path forward for the DJIA as well. This aligns than well with the very Bullish count in my “big picture overview: see here

BA monthly

How to trade this: aggressive traders should not long BA anymore and swing traders should raise stop and or start cashing in at around $310. Stops can be raised to today’s low. Long term investors long from much lower levels (low 100s or less) can hold on to BA until it reaches major-3.


NVDA: Almost 2 months ago I did the first big-picture update on this very popular ticker (see here). Nothing has changed my perspective on it, and with the recent price action we can take a little more detailed look. First I wanted to re-assess if my original count was still correct. I checked to see the minute-iii wave and counted 13 waves up from the minute-ii low. Impulses are at a minimum 5 waves up and when the extend or subdivide we can get, 9, 13, 17, 21, etc waves. So far so good. But, for minute-v I only have 19 waves up, thus at least 2 more waves up are still. This may sound all trivial to you, but if I don’t check my own work constantly I quickly end up being wrong. Check, check doable check. And me being wrong will cost you money… Cont’d below.


That said, a symmetry breakout (white boxes) targets $256, like the prior symmetry breakout (orange boxes) that worked well. That will give ample opportunity for 2 more waves up for a total of 21, to complete all of green minor-3.

How to trade this: aggressive traders can long NVDA on a break above $218  with a stop at their own comfort level. Swing traders are likely still long and should think about exiting NVDA around $250.  Rebuy at minor-4 low. Long term investors long from much lower levels (low 100s or less) can hold on to NVDA until it reaches major-3.


V: Another great looking chart. Micro-5 of minute-iii is now underway. Since the waves are so extended it’s a bit hard to tell where minute-iii will exactly top. But expecting it somewhere around mid-$120s. The suggested path forward, not to scale in time and price, is how we should anticipated V to move along on its time and price canvas.

V monthly

How to trade this: Aggressive traders should not long V anymore, but wait for the minute-iv bottom. Swing traders should start cashing in around $120s and long again at minute-iv bottom. Long term investors can stay long until Primary I completes. Their stops should be set at $92+