AXP update 11/9

AXP: beautiful chart; following our script exactly! This is a winner folks. Doesn’t get much better than this 🙂 Found the low right in our ideal target zone as outlined in our October 20 update: “Then we should see a retrace to the breakout level ($64-$65) followed by the next wave up (minor 3) to low to mid -$70s. Ultimate target for major 5 is low $100s, with major 3 at $85-$90 and major 4 back to mid-$70s. ” We now see a (green) minor 3=1 relationship target $73, which is at the 1.382x extension of (red) intermediate i, from ii. perfect for a 3rd of a 3rd wave. Then we expect minor 4 down to high $60s, and minor 5 to around $76-$80, to be followed by intermediate iv and v to complete major 3, which is still targeted at $80-$90.