AVGO and BZUN updates 08/22

AVGO: Per a member request. Man this was a tricky one to count, many subdivisions, but I think I figured this beast out and IMHO it counts rather nice this way. Price is now most likely in major-4 of primary-V.  The alternative is that (red) intermediate-v of major-3 is subdividing. On a monthly scale the current count would be the same.



BZUN: fell out of bed today (down 17+%). Count below strongly suggests Primary-I topped recently. Yes, the (red) intermediate-v of major-5 was only 3 waves, but all 5th waves need to do is make a higher high above the prior 3rd wave. Structure can be 3s or 5s.

BZUN daily

Using the monthly chart, below, I get the same count as using the daily chart (above); adding weight to the evidence that BZUN has topped. Primary II should ideally drop back to $11-$15; that was nice S/R for major-3, 4. But there’s currently too little price info to be sure what it will be exactly.

BZUN monthly