ASHS, TTM, TWOU update 5/11

On a member’s request please find below the analyses of three new charts. Personally I find none too inspiring, as these are not impulsing higher, except for TWOU which has clear upside potential.

ASHS: has honestly too little data (monthly candles) to make a good prediction. However, looks like more downside and a c=a targets ~$3. Now I may be entirely wrong, but there’s simple not too much to go by



TTM: India’s largest automobile maker went public about a decade ago. Since then it’s price hit a low late 2009 and has rallied since in what can best be counted as an ABC up. Unclear if that’s an abc of a larger A or all she wrote. Regardless as long as price remains in the up trend channel, and above $20, the trend is long term up.



TWOU: has some nice upside potential because as you know I always look for Fib-extension or retrace overlap and in this case we have that right around $61.50, or a (yellow) major c=1.382x a (standard) and a classic primary C=1.618x A. As long as price remains above the white S/R zone on a monthly closing basis it sure looks like a good price target.