AMZN, CMG, DDD updates 10/18

AMZN: minor-a if intermediate-b underway. It is subdividing into 5 minute waves. Ideal target for minute-v of minor-a is $1018. Then ideally minor-b down to ~$960 and then minor-c back up to gap-fill (76.4%) retrace.



CMG: Monthly chart shown. Counts well as having completed Cycle-2 at the 61.8% retrace. There were 5 waves down for primary A, then Primary B and so far a bullish reversal candle for the month of October of key retrace and support levels. Money flow is much higher now than last year; which is important positive divergence.  Although it’s too early yet to claim Cycle-2 is in, things do start to look good. We’ll track for first 5 waves up (major-1)



DDD: Is currently working on a 5th wave down off the May high.

DDD daily

Although the monthly chart could suggest price is already in a new Bull market the 5 waves down on the daily chart strongly suggest that’s an alternate. I expect price to drop below the early-2016 low for all if Cycle-2. It then will start Cycle-3, just like CMG. It will then have positive divergence on the monthly money flow, MACD etc. So we’ll watch for a nice turn around.

ddd monthly