AMZA: New ETF based on a member’s request. The most obvious part are the clear, Fib-extension perfect (yellow) five major waves down to complete (blue) primary A. Beauty. Now things become unclear on if Primary B or only major-a of B (B consists of major-a, b, and c) completed. If the latter, than Primary B should target somewhere between 14.40 and 19.80. A break below Primary A’s low means last Summer’s high was B and we’ll be looking at even lower prices.



GDX: The price action over the past 2-3 weeks have only confirmed my count even more, so, not much has changed from my mid-November update (see here) and I still look lower for $21s the black target box shows where (grey) minute c=a and (orange) micro c=a almost overlap.



TLH/TLT: Both ETFs are a bit unclear at the moment, as they can both have completed all of (yellow) major-b or are still in major-b. The latter is slightly preferred over the former since b-wave retrace often more of the prior a-wave than currently is the case. The target zones for the b-waves thus remain the same. There’s really not much more I can deduct from these charts as the price action is rather unclear. That already tells me it’s corrective and that the bigger trend thus is down.




XLE: Remains still unclear if  major-c of Primary B is still underway or not. IF not, then yellow “a?” is blue “B?”. But for now I prefer it is underway to the shown ideal target of around $90. BUT, price will have to move over prior important resistance at $71.93ish (say $72). If price stalls there and can’t rally over it, and starts to fall back quickly then the more bearish count is becoming much more likely.