AMD update December 5

AMD: Bit tricky to micro count, but what we have so far looks the best. Price hit the 2.00x extension of intermediate i from ii, and is now trying to rally. Why placed minute iii and 3 the way they are is because of the MACD histogram on the daily chart. It was max at exactly the (first) 9.22 high. Such max reading often coincides with a 3rd of a 3rd of a 3rd wave. In addition, normally the 3rd of the 3rd wave is at the 100% extension, but this wave has extended and hit the 200% extension. At the (second) 9.23 high we then had negative divergence on the daily RSI5: minor 3. Using the extended fib’s for minute iii and minor 3 we can assume intermediate iii to extend to the 238.2-261.8% extensions $9.78-$10.13