AMD, FB, TSLA update 4/12

AMD: Confirmed an OEW downtrend and therewith primary I is confirmed. As you know we already alerted you of this fact early March: thank us later! 🙂 Price should now be in intermediate c of major a. Ideal target for major a is 11.60-9.60 depending on the extension of the intermediate-c wave. Price lost the 50d SMA and the chart’s TIs look weak and bleak. Major S/R at the black rectangular area around $12.50. Once this goes, the fall will be quick and hard and next support is around $10.50 to $9.50



FB: should now be in minor 4. Ideal target around $13.50. Expect a bounce from the 50d SMA.



TSLA: talk of the day on Wall Street as it eclipsed (for a day or so) the value of GM. But not so fast, as soon as all that bullish chatter starts, it’s time for a retrace. Price counts now best as being in minor 4. A strong chart like this doesn’t just die. We’d like to see more negative divergence (like on the MACD, which simple only peaked as it does in a wave 3 of 3). Minor 4 target zone given.