ADBE, DG, JKS updates 06/15

Several member request updates. One old ticker (ADBE) I used to track and trade but which fell of my radar and two new ones (DG, JKS). Enjoy.

ADBE: Monthly chart shown. I like it, it’s solid! Waves are based on monthly reversal patterns. Price is now in minute-iv of minor-3 of intermediate-v of major-3. Has still plenty of upside left before even major-3 tops. Then it’s time to re-assess as major-4 can easily drop back to low-100s, and who can stomach such a drop from $160s… it be stupid to give up such gains imho. Note that minor-3, 4 and major 3, 4 are projections and not set in stone.



DG: Nice, clean, clear 5-waves up off it’s IPO low to complete a Primary-I last year. Monthly chart shown. Now in Primary II to ideally $57-50 (50-62% retrace of all of P-I; typical for a 2nd wave). Note the good support region coincides well with the P-II projected zone.DG


JKS: Here primary-II may have bottomed, but no confirmation of it yet. Over $23 would be a nice indication for $30. Keep an eye on it for sure.