AAPL, TSLA, FB Update 5/1

Going into earnings this week, it’s time to update these juggernauts, especially since they appear to get overheated.

AAPL: Price has reached the 1.382 to 1.618x Fib-extensions for major 1, measured from major 2. Often good for a major 3 top. IF AAPL drops on earnings, negative divergence on the RSI5 is then confirmed and major 4 should bottom in the $135-125 zone.

aapl 2


FB: Similar to AAPL, has now reached our ideal Major 3 target. Looking for major 4 in the $130-120 zone.

fb weekly


TSLA: Getting close to the ideal target zone for intermediate iii: $335-$355, with a sweet spot of $323-$336. The lower end was reached today. We expect intermediate-iv to be a flat correction

tsla 1