AAPL, NFLX, VMW update 2/12

AAPL: Keeps margin higher and surpassed our prior and ideal/text book minor 3 target of $128-$138. Anticipate, monitor, adjust! Looking at the RSI5, and price action we now see price still in minor 3, minute iii to be exact and which may have peaked, and we expect minute iv to be underway shortly. Should find support between 130-126. Thus, there’s still a lot of upside left before minor 3, intermediate iii and even all of major 5 peak. This price forecasting means long term investors should remain long, swing traders can buy dips and sell rips. intermediate term investors may want to sell the intermediate iii high and buy the intermediate iv low.



NFLX: Lot of call buying came in late last week. Price broke above its blue 3 target and should now be heading to $150, possible $160.



VMW: Solid chart. Look at how beautiful all the simple moving averages are bullish: all are pointing up and 20>50>100>150>200. This is ticker is in a great uptrend. We expect that minute iii is about to peak at around $92 to satisfy the bull flag breakout (black arrow). Then we expect minute iv to drop back to around $86-$87 followed by minute v, minor 4 etc. Hence, this stock has still lots of upside potential left, just like the apple chart. It also fits with where we see the general market currently.

Short term traders can sell the minute iii high and buy the minute iv low to minor 3, sell and rebuy minor 4 etc. Swing traders should stay long until intermediate iii peaks, whereas long term investors may hold on to major 3 even major 5.