AAPL, FB update September 5

AAPL: So far it is following our anticipated script and price bottomed right in our ideal (minor) wave 4 zone (white box) and reversed from the almost ideal 38.2% retrace it did. 🙂 Note how green minor 3 hit the 138.2% extension, green minor 4 dropped to the 100% extension and a 61.8 to 76.4% extension of minor 1, from 4 targets around $111-113, which is close to the ideal red wave iii extensions.

A break below the minor 4 level will put the impulse count under serious jeopardy.



FB: Keeps staying in it’s ending diagonal triangle pattern and we may have to adjust our POV upwards. The white EDT targets $135, the yellow EDT targets $150. The former is $10 from current levels, the latter is $25. Upside potential, but at a risk in our opinion as EDTs can end whenever they want. However, given where the overall market is, this continued slow grind up targeting into early 2017 would make sense.

A break (close) below the yellow trend line is a first warning sign that primary II is underway.

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