AAPL, EA, GPRO, SNAP updates 11/15

AAPL: Is now in (red) intermediate-iv of (black) major-5 to complete Primary-V (will Buffet eat crow on this investment, as he recently bought a whole lot more… ?!?!). Although the TIs are still pointing down, wanting to see lower prices, price is getting close to the ideal iv=ii relationship (red down arrow). Clearly the $167.50 area (+/-2) is a nice congestion/support zone. Hence, time is coming to re-buy. Upside target is $180-$182.50. That’s 12+% from current levels. Stop at $159.

aapl-daily 1


EA: new ticker as it’s getting a lot of call buying, thus something’s up. Here’s my view of this monster 🙂 The monthly chart is shown. Counts beautifully as an impulse up every step along the way. This puppy is not done yet by a long shot, but is wrapping up a 4th wave (red intermediate-iv) that should be followed by v to new ATHs preferably at around $143-$144 to complete all of (black) major-3. Using the typical 5=1 relationship (Red arrow), price then gets right at the 138.2% extension of major-1, measured from 2, which is a very typical 3rd wave extension. Similarly, (red) intermediate-iii reached the 138.2% extension of intermediate-i from ii, and dropped to almost the 100% extension, at $105ish, which it still can reach. But, given the current continued call buying activity and the iv=ii relationship; $110ish is all we may get. Thus the risk/reward from current levels is $5/$33 (1:6). A very good set up IMHO. Once major-3 completes at around $143-$144, major-4 should bring price down to $105-$100 before major-5 takes a last stab at new ATHs to complete Primary-III. Thus don’t be a bag holder once we reach the target zone. Rinse lather repeat!

EA Monthly


GPRO: Lets take a look at the big picture first. Price is now in (yellow) major-c of (blue) primary-B, of Cycle 2. The $100 top was Cycle 1, because remember that IPOs do 2 things: or rally first to complete the cycle wave, or drop first as the cycle wave already completed at the IPO. Thus never buy an IPO. Simple. The entire decline from the ATH counts very nice as an ABC with internally 5th waves. Cont’d below.

GPRO weekly

Zooming in on the more recent price action, I want to draw your attention to the blue line with the C=A annotation. As that points to around $4.50ish for a primary-C equals A, measured from B relationship (see chart above for those bigger waves). If we then look at the price action since the late-September low, and assuming a standard impulse down to complete the final wave down into the $4.50ish are; price should now be in white 3. Once complete, (white) wave 4 and 5 are then left to target around this price level. So far so good. Hence, now is NOT the time to buy yet, as once investment can still endure a 40-50% hair cut at current levels… But once price get’s close to $5 it’s time to start paying attention as by then NOBODY believes in GPRO anymore and nobody owns it…And what’s the only thing left when all selling is done? Buying.

GPRO weekly-detail


SNAP: Another IPO disaster 😉 Yes that’s how they all go (pop and drop). But like GPRO and many other stocks, also this one is close to completing it’s down wave to ideally $10-$9, which is a stark contrast from its $24 IPO price and rally to $29.5 the day after… Price is now ideally in (grey) minute-v of (green) minor-3. Once complete minor-4 and 5 are left to end the final wave down for SNAP in the preferred target zone. That’s all there is to it.

SNAP daily