AAPL, DSX update 4/10

AAPL : We’ve adjusted the count as we didn’t like the extended fifth wave we carried earlier. Although frankly not impossible. However, the TIs fit better with a 1,2,3 wave and the weekly chart shows price has reached the ideal wave 3 target zone: $144-$151, which is the 1.382x to 1.618x extension of major 1. Note given that price reached the 1.382x extension we could actually be dealing with intermediate iii as that’s a typical 3rd of a 3rd wave extensions target. However, there’s negative divergence on the weekly RSI5, which suggest we should see a pullback. We expect this wave down to find support at around $133; the 100% extension of major 1. Typical and standard support: 38.2% retrace for a 4th wave. the wave 4 or iv carry price to 160 or 150 depending on which degree we’re dealing with. Hence, taking profits at $150 appears prudent. why 2nd guess?!



DSX: Analyzed a new ticker upon member request. Looks like an important low could be in. But we’d really like to see price move over the white S/R zone to confirm. In addition, price did get close to the 1.618x extension of Primary A, measured from B; so that’s good. But sometimes, close is not close enough. Regardless. Over $10.75 and odds are that THE low are in and we should see price top $50 easily in the coming years. So if buy and hold is your thing, than put DSX on your list.