AAPL, AMZN update february 16

AAPL: Appears major a has completed or is close to completion, with minor 5 of intermediate c forming an ending diagonal triangle; and making a marginal lower low between $93-$90. Then major b back up to ideally $108 (clearly that’s S/R); the 38.2% retrace and then major c down to at least high-$60s for a c=a relationship and a 50% retrace of all of primary III.


AMZN: At this stage it is unclear if all of major 3 has bottomed, with it being 3 waves or if it decides to become 5 waves down. Hence, the a/i, etc labeling. overlapp with that particular label will mean the 3 waves, if price turns down before overlapping and makes a lower low it will be 5 waves. Once either of the 2 happens we can then better assess major b targets.