AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL update 11/21

Update of the juggernauts

AAPL: Looks like major 4 may have bottomed. Counts well as 5 up from the recent low, which hit the 50% retrace to the T. Since major 1 and 2 were short and  simple, while major 4 was deep and complex, we expect major 5 to be long and subdividing as well. No real targets yet other than $120 at a minimum.



AMZN: Primary III topped, Primary IV underway. We expect it to reach around $500. But we’ll probably first see gap fill at $820 for intermediate b



GOOGL Looks like major 2 bottomed right in our ideal target zone. Long term targets are shown in the 2nd chart, with an ultimate top at ~$1000, which hasn’t changed since we first showed it many weeks ago.