NorthPost Partners

Intelligent Investing started collaborating with NorthPost Partners, LLC (NPP) in our trading and investing in 2016. During that year NPP and I.I. developed a low risk/high reward trading plan and strategy. It can’t avoid losing trades, but it does allow for steady gains.* Late-2016 we went live with our system as it by then had already allowed 30+% gains in less than 6 months.* The chart below shows our current YTD performance. That’s all the proof you need to know our system works; it also beats the best performing index: the NASDAQ (YTD at 9.2% vs NPP at 12.93%).

NPP is a “crowdfunded” trading and investing firm, and we are always looking for serious clients who want to invest in our system to allow for a market-beating performance. Please visit NPP to learn more and become a client: see HERE.


*It should not be assumed that future performance will always be guaranteed and/or profitable. Nor will future performance necessarily equal past performance or past performance trends. All trading and investment decisions are the sole responsibility of NPP. Joining NPP is free, but does not exclude commission costs, and other possible charges.