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August 14: The U.S. Dollar is three waves down from 1985 but three up also took shape from 2008 and after five up and three down from January 2017, resumption lower in at least a C wave of (X) appears to now be getting underway, with larger downside possibilities, if not probabilities.

August 13: Leaders like NEM and GDX have been lagging and warning of a top in Gold for some time now and subsequent action adds weight to a topping process being underway and potentially complete. Even Gold shows an outside bar today and a five down, three up pattern within this bar so risk is growing for a pullback at minimum, with solid odds of a more protracted wave-2 pullback that goes for many months and up to a few quarters.

August 12: Silver remains quite constructive as it pushes up and away from the channels that were operative in the bear market from 2011. The last three in that bear market is close to being left on the chart so this is very favorable action on a big-picture basis.