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Japanese Yen Futures Update 02/14/’19: Waiting for confirmation that wave E is complete is making more sense in here as this move develops, but there has been some very interesting action in the last few days so I wanted to update developments. Near-term counts have been adjusted to market action.

Silver and Silver mining update 02/12/’19: This remains a very bullish situation looking out to the intermediate- and longer-terms. Near-term, expectations have been for some consolidation, to reset sentiment some and to work off some of the “overbought” momentum at a couple of degrees and that is on track but I wanted to update the charts and to expand into Silver Mining as there are some neat charts to show in this area, as initially discussed in the Supplement to the Silver Overview.

Japanese Yen Overview 02/11/’19: This is an initial overview of Japanese Yen Futures, outlining the current juncture, so you will get an idea of what Intelligent Investing’s new “Metals, Miners, and Forex” service is all about. After you sign up for only $59 per month, which you can do here, you will get my daily overviews on Gold Mining, Canadian Dollar Futures, Silver, the U.S. Dollar, Gold, Platinum, and the Australian Dollar.

Gold Initial Overview 02/06/’19: There will be much more to explore with Gold over the next several weeks and beyond but for now, I wanted to update the patterns from 2011 in an initial overview. Suffice it to say, that Gold patterns going back many decades do not look complete at the 2011 high.

US Dollar Review 02/05/’19: We’ll be looking at the traditional Dollar Index for sure and I am certainly considering that Index a good bit as I write this report, since it has decades of history to analyze; however, for this overview, particularly for the intermediate-term, I am mostly using the Dow Jones U.S. Dollar Index.

Silver Supplemental 02/04/’19: To complete the weekend report in Silver, I wanted to get into Silver vs. Gold, so let’s go back to the big, blow-off top in the Metals in 1980 on the Monthly chart. I am counting it as a double-three correction as shown, and each (C) wave is .618 of its corresponding (A) wave.

Silver Initial Overview 02/03/’19: Silver also has quite the compelling set-up at each degree of trend, and this is an initial report, outlining this important juncture, so you will get an idea of what Intelligent Investing’s new “Metals, Miners, and Forex” service is all about.