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June 12, 2019: For the USD, three waves down took shape from 1985 into 2008 and the subsequent bounce was also three waves and while the X (circled) wave could turn more complex, five down in wave (1) or A and then three up in wave (2) or B suggests lower prices are underway.

June 11, 2019: Silver action remains quite subtle underneath the surface, but internal action is very constructive to say the least.

June 10, 2019: Action in Currencies is shaping up nicely, with several really excellent set-ups, and compelling developments of late, very much adding weight to the idea that many markets are in a similar situation to that of 2000-01…

June 6, 2019: On the Quarterly chart, the Swiss is coming up out of a rare oversold on Stochastics and as noted in the Outlook on the Swiss, each pullback after multi-year runs (after the other two times Stochastics has been oversold), has led to a shallower retracement-

June 5, 2019: Structurally, silver did five up into 1980 was followed by three down into a big support cluster, including the previous fourth and several projections/targets.

June 4, 2019: The Canadian sure looks nice now with an impulsive rise underway after the throwover in the ending diagonal. Going back to 2016, advances are fives, declines are threes and now a set of ones and twos is ready to yield to wave iii (circled) of 3 soon.

June 3, 2019: I have gone into much detail on Silver and Silver Mining of late, with a fresh Overview two Saturdays ago and a Special Report this past Saturday so I am not going to go back over any of it at this point but I do want to keep the bigger-picture in mind as things develop from here .