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By assessing all the price charts and available data objectively, with a flexible, non-biased, scientific approach we come to accurate, reliable and trade-able/actionable price-target zone forecasts, while keeping the big picture always in mind. Recent free posts, see for example here, here, here are just examples of our reliable market calls my premium members receive daily and weekly. The proof is in the pudding and private twitter account followers and hedge fund clients are banking nicely on these reliable forecasts. All price target-zone forecasts can easily be used for trading and investing decisions*.

Besides individuals, Intelligent Investing, LLC provides technical analysis to some well-known entities within the investment world: Capital Advisers Wealth ManagementBay Management Advisors Ltd, ETEG Capital LtdiSPYETF, Market Turning Points and my own Hedge Fund NorthPost Partners, LP. So what are you waiting for? Join us now too!

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  13. Hi Jeff, I am not sure what you mean with “the program”, but browse around on my website, check the daily and weekly updates etc and you will get a good idea. I forecast Market and stocks and ETFs; and pretty darn accurate if I may say so.

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  17. Did you receive the weekly digest and the past 2 daily updates? If so, you should have received the welcome email with password. Check your spam filter! Also, please contact me directly via email not here.

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  22. William, please email me directly. Intelligent_investing at yahoo dot com. I need to know which email you use for your subscription as there was a required subscription change for longer term members (legally required switching to new PayPal account) and I need to see if you were sent all emails and reminders about it. Since the change went into effect May 1 and everybody who did not switch there account by then had there subscription canceled. Sorry for any possible inconvenience but we’ll sort this out. No worries. Aloha! Soul

  23. Bill, I just checked the records and your email address is on our mailing list and the last May 8 daily market update was sent to you. I’ve replied to your email as well: Please check your spam filter as all my Emails likely ended up there!
    Arnout aka Soul

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