To become a member of the I.I. community, and receive I.I’s premium daily and weekly market updates, and two-a-day individual stock/ETF updates you will need to become a premium member. Besides individuals, Intelligent Investing, LLC provides technical analysis to some well-known entities within the investment world: JP Morgan ChaseCity BankiSPYETF, So what are you waiting for? Join us now too!

What do you get when you become a member!?

  • I.I. follows the DOW, SPX, NAZ, NDX, NYA, WLSH5000, and RUT
  • I.I. follows many individual tickers
  • I.I. follows many ETFs such as SPY, SPXL, SPXU, SSO, SDS, QQQ, SQQQ, GDX, UCO/USO, TLT/TLH etc
  • I.I. follows over 10 different market breadth indicators such as Zweig Breadth, McClellan Oscillator, Summation Index, A/D line, etc.
  • Updates on I.I.’s proprietary buy/sell indicator the A.I.
  • Access to Premium membership posts
  • In-depth objective market and ticker analyses, with clear, realistic, trade-able price targets
  • 3-4 daily updates per week by email including objective market analyses
  • 1 weekend update: The Weekly Digest
  • Free analyses of any price chart or any ticker you follow, trade, or want to know more about.
  • 2 individual stock/ETF updates per trading day.
  • Sharing of potential profitable tickers and price set ups with all other I.I. members
  • 1-on-1 trading-tutoring through reviewing your trading style and providing constructive feedback if needed.
  • Referral discount: I.I. will refund a full monthly subscription to you for each person you refer and who stays longer than the trial month period.

I.I. offers several different subscription plans:

  • a monthly subscription for only $39.99/month after a $9.99 trial month
  • a 3 months subscription for $95.98 ($23.99 savings) after a $9.99 trial month
  • a 6 months subscription for $191.95 ($47.99 savings) after a $9.99 trial month
  • a 9 months subscription for $2879.95 ($71.96 savings) after a $9.99 trial month
  • a 12 months subscription for $383.90 ($95.98 savings) after a $9.99 trial month

Please click on any of the “Subscribe” buttons below to become an I.I. member. It will redirect you to Paypal, which is safe and secure. Once I.I. has received your payment a personal password will be send to the email address you used to pay with. You need the password to receive and read premium updates. Please allow up to 24hrs for processing.

      Monthly                     3 Months                 6 Months                    9 Months                  12 Months
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All I.I. membership subscriptions will renew automatically at the end of each respective cycle (1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) unless you cancel prior using the “Unsubscribe” button below. The 1 month trial period will automatically roll into an I.I. monthly membership subscription, unless you cancel prior using the “Unsubscribe” button below.

Sharing of your personal password with other none-paying persons and/or entities is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from I.I. as well as a $500 penalty. For security reasons, and good internet safe-surfing etiquette, passwords will be updated and mailed out to each member at the beginning of each new month until further notice.

If you want to cancel your membership at any time please click the “Unsubscribe” button below.

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When you subscribe you have read and agree to I.I.’s terms and conditions and have read, understand and agree to I.I.’s disclaimer.

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