Daily Market Update Archive

This page features Intelligent Investing’s daily updates of the US stock market, mostly focused on the S&P500, made public three to five days after being sent out to Premium Members. To become a Premium Member, please subscribe here. Subscription includes access to one of the best, detailed, up-to-date technical analyses of most US indices, commodities, and many individual stocks you’ll find.

My family and I will be traveling to Europe and Russia October 9-22 to visit our relatives, which we haven’t seen for over 2 years. Hence, there will be very few daily updates. Things will return to normal starting October 23. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Daily update 10/05/2017: The melt up continues and without a >10p pullback it is hard to determine what wave currently is underway. So, we’ll stick to what we have so far until proven otherwise. Price has now reached the next target zone of SPX2539-2551 but can still extend further to SPX2564-2571. Hard to foretell with such extreme extensions.

Daily update 10/04/2017: Price marched through the “SPX2531-2536” target zone and thus the “possible and unforeseeable wave-extensions.” I’ve mentioned in the past updates are underway. The 1-minute chart of the S&P shows that since the SPX2496 low (bright pink femto-2), there’ve only been 3-4p pullbacks. Today was a 6p pullback and since femto-2 was 12p, I’d like to ideally see a >10p pullback as well to confirm femto-3 has peaked

Daily update 10/03/2017: Price has now reached the ideal target zone of “SPX2531-2536”; but since femto-2 was >10p (SPX2508->2496) and there’s not been an >10p pullback (today’s pullback was only 3p…) it appears most likely that femto-3 is still underway. I expect it to reach SPX2536 and then we should ideally see an >10p pullback back…

Daily update 10/02/2017: On Friday the S&P gave us the all clear by crossing above SPX2529; the cut off for the last remaining b-wave count. In the weekend update I was then able to provide a detailed path forward, which has worked out so far; see figure 1 below. Bright pink femto-3 is wrapping up, with a ~10p pullback for femto-4 around the corner