Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have a question about Intelligent Investing and what it can do for me.

A: Email Soul directly at: intelligent_investing AT yahoo DOT com

Q: How do I cancel?

A: You can cancel anytime online through Paypal by clicking here. If you have any trouble you can email Soul directly at intelligent_investing AT yahoo DOT com.

Q: Do you have a free trial?

A: Intelligent Investing does not offer a free trial. $39.99 is a below-market price, compared to many other services of similar quality and update-frequency, for the information you’ll be getting. AND see it as a small investment and a small risk to see how good the forecasting services are.

Q: Do I have to use Paypal?

A: Yes. Paypal allows you to control your subscription online (including unsubscribing online) so you’ll have to use or create a Paypal account.

Q: Are there refunds for partial months?

A: No. There are no refunds. Your subscription will end the moment you cancel and there are no refunds for partial months.

Q: Does Intelligent Investing charge extra for requested work above and beyond what is stated on the membership page?

A: Yes, premium membership fees cover all and only the activities listed on the membership page. Additional, extra, different, requested work/analyses will be treated as consulting and charged at a rate of $275/hour.