Please find below the performance of the A.I. buy sell indicator (click here for an in-depth explanation).  It is based on price, time and momentum. The three most important aspects in trading. The chart below (click to enlarge) is self-explanatory: with this system you can the market.

spy ai performance

Here’s an example of AAPL showing our analyses’ accuracy regarding price- and timing: On July 5, premium members were informed that AAPL had most likely formed a low and should start to rise. The ideal target was $165-$170.

aapl-daily 1

The bottom call was correct and on August 29 price was getting very close to the ideal target zone of $165-$170. Therefore premium members were updated that AAPL appeared close to forming a top.

aapl-daily 2

The chart below shows the top (and bottom) calls were not a day too late. So what are you waiting for? Please sign up here.

aapl-daily 3