Please find below the performance of the A.I. buy sell indicator (click here for an in-depth explanation).  It is based on price, time and momentum. The three most important aspects in trading. The chart below (click to enlarge) is self-explanatory: with this system you can navigate the market comfortable and sleep well at night. No opinion, just hardcore data. That’s all you need: facts at hand.

spy ai performance


Here’s an example of AAPL showing our analyses’ accuracy regarding price- and timing: On July 5, premium members were informed that AAPL had most likely formed a low based on similar setups in some of the technical indicators (TIs, see red circles) and should start to rise. The ideal target was $165-$170, with a stop-loss at $140.

aapl-daily 1

The bottom call was correct and on August 29 price was getting very close to the ideal target zone of $165-$170. Therefore premium members were updated that AAPL appeared close to forming a top.

aapl-daily 2

The chart below shows the top (and bottom) calls were not a day too late. Currently, some of my premium members are long AAPL again since the $150 level. Up 17% TD: rinse, lather, repeat! So what are you waiting for? Please sign up here.

aapl 3

Still need more proof? Let’s continue some more with AAPL. Because who doesn’t like AAPL?! Recently, on November 15, I updated my Premium Members that it was close to forming a bottom in the $169 region, based on the wave-lengths, Fibonacci-retrace levels, and technicals. The ideal upside target was $180 +/-2, with a stop loss at $159. See chart below.

aapl 4

Fast forward to November 22nd and AAPL is now trading at almost $175. See chart below. A 3.5% gain in as little as 5 trading days 🙂 Simple as that.

aapl 5

Thus with my technical analyses, accuracy and years of expertise each turn was forecasted correctly and there was no reason to be bearish at any point in time. And, now we look even higher. What a winner! Please remember this is only AAPL. I follow, track, trade and update on dozens and dozens of other stocks as well. Thus what are you waiting for: Please sign up here now!