Silver Update – Lower First Before Moving Higher?

Hi, this is my 2nd update in the Metals, Miners and Forex (MMF) weekly series, which is a small excerpt of my Weekly MMF Digest. I hope with my weekly updates you will get an idea of what Intelligent Investing’s “Metals, Miners, and Forex” service is all about: it includes overviews and recent updates on all the Metals, Miners (Indexes and ETF’s), as well as all of the Major Currencies. You will receive my daily and weekly updates straight to your email inbox, as well as intra-day reports and updates when warranted. The first in this series was about Gold and GDX update, outlining the current juncture, and was posted last week here.

Simply click on the image below to download the report. We hope you find this useful for your trading and investing decisions.

Trade Safe!

Michael Boysen

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