How to increase a portfolio by ~60% in one year with only 30 easy trades?!

Almost one year ago -on June 1, 2018- I started my private twitter trading feed where I tweet my trades in real-time. If you had followed my trades to the T, then your entire portfolio would have been up ~10% in realized gains (see here), while the S&P500 was down ~10% since then. Not bad IMHO.

As we went into 2019, I started to trail the S&P500, traded a lot, but not as many trades worked out as expected. Nonetheless, by end of last week my portfolio was still up ~9%, but the S&P500 was up over 16% YTD (see here).

I felt I was starting to over-trade, not always adhering to my rules, the trading interfered with my time for my market analyses, and many of my followers were not able to trade intra-day as much as they’d like. Therefore I started to look into my own mechanical swing-trading system to assess if it would A) improve trading performance, while; B) decrease the number of trades, and; C) allow anybody -especially for regular working people that can’t day-trade (as much)- to trade my trades, and thus also; D) make for much less stressful trading.

When I went over the performance of my SPY mechanical trading system and applied it to the 3x ETFs “SPXL” and “SPXU”, I found that since June 1, 2018 it could have increased one’s portfolio by almost 60% in only 30 easy trades. My jaw dropped to the floor. So, I double checked the numbers, compared trading the close vs trading the open, and the results were still solid. If you don’t believe me: here’s the link to the spreadsheet with all the trades my system would have executed since June 1, 2018 to date.

All buy/sell signals since June 1, 208

This was a true “EUREKA” moment and this Monday I fully implemented my own system to my trading. It is all I will trade going forward. My first trade was already successful and netted +0.5% in one day.

Now, no system can prevent losing trades, nor whipsaws, nor pick the exact tops and bottoms. My swing-trade system is designed to identify trends; be it up or down and ride that trend for as long as possible until it changes. In fact if you check the spreadsheet you will see that half of the trades are losing trades. Not much better than a coin toss, BUT the winning trades are often (much) larger than the losing trades and that’s how you win this race.

So, are you ready to possible increase your portfolio by ~60% in one year with only 30 easy trades?!* Of course I can’t guarantee the same performance for the coming years, but I do know this trading will be easy. All you need are a few trading-tweets each day: One tweet at the end of the day stating “buy/sell SPXU or SPXL tomorrow at open”, or “hold current position”. One tweet in the morning if any trades were executed. That’s it. This allows anybody to set their market orders after hours and have them filled the next day. No need to know anything else. Especially if you work say 9 to 5 and can’t follow the markets as much as you’d like, then all you have to do is check my private twitter trading feed to see if anything will be traded the next day or not.

The current subscription price is only $29.99/month. BUT, I am confident in my system’s performance, and prices will increase to $59.99/month starting June 1. So I’d say lock in these low rates before they go up and come ride the trend with only a few easy tweets and trades each year, because the trend is your friend.

Thank you for your time and interest in my work and services. Trade safe!

Arnout, Ph.D.

Founder and President Intelligent Investing, LLC 
Vice President NorthPost Partners, LP

*Subscriber does not have to act upon tweets, and should consider them as “for information purposes only”. Past results (% gains and losses) are no guarantee for future performance as market environments constantly change. Results are for Intelligent Investing, LCC’s -the provider- system only. Subscriber results may vary due to different time of entry. Subscriber takes full responsibility for his/her own trades and assumes no liability towards the provider regarding possible losses as provider’s system is not perfect and does not guarantee winning trades. When you subscribe you have read and agree to I.I.’s terms and conditions and have read, understand and agree to I.I.’s disclaimer.

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