Major US Markets Review: Webcast available now

Yesterday’s webinar on the review of several major US markets can be downloaded and viewed here. Or simple click on the picture below.

You can download the actual slide-deck here. A webinar Premium Member Major Market signup special is currently available ($100 for the first 3 months) for those who attended and for those who watch the webinar or slide deck as the signup link is available at the end of the video / presentation.

Unfortunately I missed a few questions in the end, but which I’ve answered below:

  • Q: Do you adjust charts for dividends and splits? A: No I don’t adjust my charts. This keeps it all clean and simple.
  • Q: Are you currently long for the 2/b move or are you short for the 3/c? A: I am currently long.
  • Q: Do you combine objective Elliott wave and conventional Elliott wave theory? A: Yes I do. I prefer (Fib-based) EWT and use several OEW techniques to double check my work.
  • Q: Are international indices ‘supportive’ of a bearish outlook for the US? Do they lead or follow the US? A: Depends on which index. E.g DAX, BVSP, NIKK are in entirely different cycles and Elliott wave counts longer-term. However shorter term things look gloomy for these indices IMHO.

Thank you for your time and interest in my work and I look forward to you joining my next webcast in July and hopefully my Premium Membership.

Arnout, Ph.D.

Founder and President Intelligent Investing, LLC
Vice President NorthPost Partners, LP

6 thoughts on “Major US Markets Review: Webcast available now

  1. Hi Surry, thanks for pointing this out. Somehow WordPress had converted the file to one page… I’ve fixed the problem (re-saving the file in wordpress as a new PDF…) and now the slide-deck is there. Thank you for your interest!

  2. Thank you Arnout. I respect your work and appreciate you making it available for all.

    Interesting times for certain!

  3. Great video, thank you for posting the recording.

    Question, can GSC3 have 3 waves instead of 5? Making th me 2,954 the top of GSC3. This means we don’t bounce off 22/2300 nor do we see 3,200. I see so many Elliot wavers looking for 3,200. Mr. Market likes to fool everyone. Maybe we still have a bounce off 22/2300, but just to get bears to cover / go long and then pull the rug out!

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