Gold Update – Advance has stalled as expected. What’s next?

Two weeks ago, the talking heads on the news and social media told us Gold was in a new Bull run, and right on cue it dropped. On February 19, a day before it topped, I even received emails saying “gold is breaking out on huge volume…” Fast forward; two weeks later and Gold is back to where it was in January… Funny how that works. As usual: please stop listening to those talking heads. Instead use objective technical analyses of the charts to guide your trading and investing decisions. No guarantees either, but certainly a proven and more profitable way of going about.

That said, please find below a link to an abbreviated recent weekly gold update I wrote for my premium members. I think you will find it a lot more useful and will see why gold dropped on cue and where it should head next.


In fact I think you’ll find it so useful that I now offer for a limited time a two month trial period for the price of one month. That is 50% off! You can sign up here:

I look forward to having you on-board so I can help you navigate the ups and downs of this -as always- treacherous but highly desired metal.


Michael Boysen 

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