S&P500: How high can it go!? Free weekend updates to be continued.

After Tony Caldaro passed away, see here, the Objective Elliott Wave (OEW) updates are temporarily put on hold while his group, that I am part off, is organizing itself. I promised everybody I would therefore make my Premium Member weekly major market digests available in the mean time.

Why? Because Tony would, knowing him and IMHO, have liked to keep everybody abreast of where the markets are and what is likely next, as they do continue their daily marches. Please note my work is not (strictly) OEW, it is not Tony’s work, nor his group’s work. This is my individual work, my insights, and my analysis. Tony was the OEW master and I see no need to copy what he did. That would be redundant. Instead, it is the diversity of analysis that adds strength to our understanding of the markets.

All my weekly major market digests are for now posted on Sundays on the Updates Archive Page, which you can find here. In this week’s major market digest I look at the next upside targets, as SXP2791 has been reached, what higher prices and especially new ATHs would mean longer-term for the markets, and what levels the markets must break to the downside from current levels to tell us a top has been put in place.

Trade safe!

But, before I led you go, I highly recommend you read our latest analysis on Gold and the Goldminers written by my new partner: Michael Boysen. See hereMichael has joined Intelligent Investing and manages a new service “Metals, Miners and Forex“. It is a fantastic new addition for Intelligent Investing and of the level of detail and quality needed to help those who trade these markets help make much better and informed decisions.

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