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Over the past weeks I’ve updated you on my view of the “State of the US major market indices”, see here, here and here, and how the recent technical breakout was to be interpreted as Bullish until we’d see a move below breakout levels. That move down has yet to materialize and when assessing the current state of the charts (from hourly, daily, weekly, market breadth, to simple moving averages, put/call ratios, and volatility) the weight of the evidence continues to point higher, not lower.

Picture1As such I wanted to share this week’s market digest, which is normally only available to premium members, with you so you can get an good, first hand inside scope on what we at Intelligent Investing are seeing, tracking, and trading. Please click here: weekend update 05.19.2018  to download this week’s market digest.

Note Premium Membership is free for the first two weeks. Sign up now to continue to receive daily- and weekly market updates like these, as well as daily ETF/stock and Bitcoin (BTC) updates, to improve your trading, insights, and profitability. See for example here how one of my members who took my “learn to trade like a pro class” is ringing the cash register daily on only a $30K portfolio!

I hope everybody enjoys my sharing of this week’s market digest and also finds it helpful and useful.


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