S&P and NAS updates: that final move higher is now well underway.

Two weeks ago, see here, I forecasted the S&P to reach SPX2670-2675 and that was already achieved a week later (last week). Now the S&P is marching higher and on track for SPX2725+. In addition, I found then that “The easiest answer is likely to be found in the NAS, which suggests that … it completed (green) minor-4 of (red) intermediate-iii of yellow major-3. The next ideal target for minor-5 is the 2.000x extension at around $6965.” Well also here the NAS didn’t disappoint and reached already $7003 today. With the move above the 2.000x extension we need to look higher to the next Fib-extension: 2.236x wave 1, which is also close to the minor-5 = minor-1 relationship at $7030.


Lastly, and more importantly!, you can read all about this and in more detail in  Today’s Premium Member only Daily Update; made available for free today. See the post market “Daily Update 12/18/2017” on the “Daily Update Page” here. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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