Our Proprietary Buy/Sell Indicator, the A.I., once again led the way.

We don’t often tout our own horn, because being humble when dealing with the financial market’s many uncertainties, which is all about probabilities and not certainties, is the right way to financial success. But, the past few days once again confirmed the power of our proprietary buy/sell indicator; the A.I. (and no it doesn’t stand for Artificial Intelligence; it’s named after the inventor’s name: me! 🙂 ). You can read more about how it works here.

Why? Because we got an ideal buy signal on Monday (solid green up arrow). Ideal A.I. buy signals are rare, but very powerful. The prior ideal A.I. buy signal was given 1 day after the BREXIT low made this past summer. The rest is history. Despite the futures crashing on Trump’s victory -please note that the futures market and the cash market are two separate markets and should therefore not be aligned- the cash market continued to march higher following its ideal A.I. buy signal.


We developed this indicator to ensure we are more likely on the right side of the trade, as it takes a lot of the uncertainties away that other technical analyses techniques are fraud with. Ideal A.I. buy signals are >90% accurate and this week’s signal was not any different.

Of course our premium members were first to know about this signal. Do you want to get this information first too; then sign up here now to become a premium member too.


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