Assessing the SPX using an objective scorecard system

Here at intelligent investing we assess the market based on observable evidence using many different tools, indicators and techniques. An important help is to look at the daily, weekly and monthly chart. Bullish evidence is marked as a +, bearish evidence as a – and neutral evidence as +/-. At the end of the score card, the scores are tallied and the final score will tell us how bullish or bearish the market (in this case the SPX is) based on the weight of the observable evidence. This eliminates guessing, and hoping, and instead provides a neutral and objective view of the state of the market. Using this, trading decisions based on additional tools and evidence can be made.

scorecardWhat the score card tells us is that of the 26 observable facts, 16 are bullish, 6 are bearish and 4 are neutral. This means that one should be cautiously bullish in our opinion. It’s that simple.

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