One Year Anniversary: Thank you to all current members and welcome to all new members

It’s been one year since Intelligent Investing went public and what a year it has been. We’ve gone through the October Ebola scare to the current no-mans land zone for months on end now. Can it get any tougher to start a market-related service like this!?!? But, we’ve nailed many individual stocks (AMBA, LNKD, TWTR, AAPL, GOOGL, GPRO, SBUX, etc), but also failed on several occasions, especially when the market failed to sustain a break out, as well as with several individual tickers. However, nobody is perfect, especially not in this business and here we admit our mistakes, and learn from them. That’s the only way to improve and make less mistakes.

1 year anniversary

Many of the current and passed members have brought forward many, many tickers, trading ideas, and setups. I’ve been able to work with many of you and still do. Some of you I have daily interactions with, others weekly. This is something I cherish deeply, and is the best part of it all. It’s you, my members that make this what it is. With out you Intelligent Investing wouldn’t exist. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As such, a bigger membership base would be even more fun to work with: the more the merrier!, and I therefore hope you all will sign up for the 1 free month* and continue to stay. Together we can concur and survive this market. So thank you, and welcome!!



ps: not all pages contain updates yet (e.g. many individual tickers and ETFs are still empty) but they will be updated gradually over time. Please refer to the old site: for the last updates, if available. Note that the old site will NOT be updated anymore.

*After the free one (1) month, membership will automatically roll over into a monthly subscription of $24.99/month, unless canceled prior.

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