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Gold is THE benchmark all other metals are measured against. It is perceived as the safe heaven during dyer economic times, but it is more related to the price of the US Dollar than anything else. As commodities are trade in a vastly different environment than the regular stock markets, they require an independent analysis for the necessary, detailed, expert and timely assessment that you need to make your trading and investing decisions. So, we can’t lump commodities under our major market premium membership services. Our resident analyst has been tracking the metals market successfully for many years, so you can trade it successfully too!

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Metals, Miners & Forex Subscription

What do you get when you become a premium member?

      1. Daily and Weekend updates on the following Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum.
      2. Daily and Weekend updates on the following Mining ETFs: GDX/GDXJ, SIL, PPLT
      3. Daily and Weekend updates on the following Currencies: USD, AUSD, YENN and others as/if opportunity arises.

All updates are prepared using state-of-the-art technical analysis, sentiment and Elliott Wave tools and techniques.

How Intelligent Investing can help in GOLD TRADING?

With our unparalleled expertise we can help you become a better trader! How? Well, simple, by assessing all the price charts and available data objectively, with a flexible, non-biased, scientific approach we come to a weight of the evidence conclusion that gives accurate, reliable and trade-able/actionable price-target zone forecasts, while keeping the big picture always in mind. Nobody gets it always right all the time, and that is why we also provide price levels that will invalidate our analyses and which you can in turn use to protect your profits and our initial investment.

Clients using our services are:

  1. Surience Investments and Portfolio Management
  2. Bay Management Advisors Ltd,
  3. ETEG Capital Ltd
  4. iSPYETF
  5. Market Turning Points
  6. NorthPost Partners, LP



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