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Trading The S&P500

The S&P500 is THE index followed by traders and market analysts alike. It is THE index everybody benchmarks themselves against. Thus, we track this index continuously and most closely as it allows us to get the best idea on where the US Major Indices are heading next short- to long-term, which allows you for proper, prudent and profitable investing. You can trade the S&P500 with the following Exchange Traded Funds: 1x ETFs are SPY/SH; 2x ETFs are SSO/SDS, 3x ETFs are SPXL/SPXU 


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Major Markets Subscription

What do you get when you become a Major Markets Premium Trading Member?

  • Daily and weekly updates on the DOW, SPX, NAS/NDX, RUT, and SOX which includes
    1. In-depth, objective technical market analyses including Elliott Wave..
    2. Market breadth analyses using Zweig Breadth, McClellan Oscillators, Summation Indices, A/D lines, Bullish Percent Indices, etc
    3. Sentiment and Seasonality Analysis using Volatility, Put/Call ratios, Investor Sentiment, GANN and Fibonacci Time-Cycles, etc.


How Intelligent Investing can help in S & P 500 TRADIN?

We assess all the index’ price charts and other available data such as market breadth and sentiment from the hourly to monthly timeframes objectively, with a flexible, non-biased scientific approach. This allows us to derive very accurate, reliable and trade-able/actionable price-target zone forecasts daily from a “weight of the evidence” perspective, while keeping the big picture always in mind, that you can use in your trading and investing decisions with confidence.   

Clients using our services are:

  1. Surience Investments and Portfolio Management
  2. Bay Management Advisors Ltd,
  3. ETEG Capital Ltd
  4. iSPYETF
  5. Market Turning Points
  6. NorthPost Partners, LP

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