Who are we?

Dr. Arnout Ter Schure is President and Founder of Intelligent Investing, LLC. In addition, Dr ter Schure is Vice-President and Co-Founder of “NorthPost Partners, LP” a highly successful private equity fund (See here). He has been an active trader since 2010 and a self-taught technical analyst since 2011. He holds a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences. During his scientific career Dr. Ter Schure published over twenty peer-reviewed papers, showing his drive and professionalism. However, after having worked for over ten years within the field of energy and the environment he realized his true passion was with the financial markets.
He pursued his dream and passion and started his own stock- and market forecasting company and was later approached by Rus Chao to start North Post Partners, LP.  During his financial-career Dr. Ter Schure has developed, among others, his own proprietary buy/sell indicator for the major indices, based on simultaneous reversal from overbought and oversold levels of three independent time, price and momentum based technical indicators; called the “A.I.”. It is >95% accurate. His expertise in many forms of technical analysis have allowed him to provide one of the most reliable and accurate and financial market forecasting services in the business. Dr. Ter Schure covers the major domestic and international indices, their related ETFs as well as many individual stocks.  


Michael Boysen joined Intelligent Investing this year and has over 30 years of experience in the financial markets. He started off with his own newsletter in the 1990’s for 8 years. Mr Boysen then joined Elliott Wave International (EWI) as their Stocks/Groups specialist, and spent time in EWI’s Stock Index product for a couple of years as their Chief Analyst. His documented EWI Stocks & Groups segment performance in 2000-03 was +40% per year with a 60/40 win rate. Mr Boysen’s expertise lie in technicals, relative strength charts, volume patterns, etc. and Elliott analysis among others. As the market top in 2007 took shape and his all-around expertise expanded, he began working with the Shoreline Fund (a short-selling hedge fund out of Greenbrae, CA). Then in August 2008, as he became convinced a huge money-making opportunity was at hand, he left EWI and went to work directly and exclusively for Shoreline as a Strategist. The Fund doubled into 2009. Over the 2007-10 period, an independent study showed it was one of the best performing funds in the country on a risk/reward basis. Mr Boysen covers metals, miners and several major currencies.

Combined, Michael and Arnout cover the most sought after and traded markets: stocks, commodities and currencies. With their unparalleled expertise they can help you become a better trader! How? Well, simple, by assessing all the price charts and available data objectively, with a flexible, non-biased, scientific approach they come to accurate, reliable and trade-able/actionable price-target zone forecasts, while keeping the big picture always in mind. Recent free posts, see for example here, here, here are just examples of their reliable market calls premium members receive daily and weekly. The proof is in the pudding as they say and their private twitter account followers and hedge fund are banking nicely on I.I.’s reliable forecasts. All price target-zone forecasts can easily be used for your trading  and investing decisions*. Besides individuals, Intelligent Investing, LLC provides technical analysis to some well-known entities within the investment world: Surience Investments and Portfolio ManagementBay Management Advisors Ltd, ETEG Capital Ltd, iSPYETFMarket Turning Points and its own Hedge Fund NorthPost Partners, LP. So what are you waiting for? Join us now too! Please click  here to subscribe
Our Business hours are 8am to 4pm PST, Monday through Friday.