About us

About us

Dr. Arnout Ter Schure is founder and owner of Intelligent Investing, LLC. In addition, he is Vice-President and co-founder of “NorthPost Partners, LP” a highly successful private equity fund (See here). He has been a student of the markets since 2009. During his scientific career Dr. Ter Schure published over twenty peer-reviewed papers, showing his drive and professionalism. After having worked for over ten years within the field of energy and the environment he realized his true passion was with the financial markets. He pursued his dream and passion and started his own stock- and market forecasting company and was later approached to co-found North Post Partners, LP. During his financial-career Dr. Ter Schure has developed, among others, his own proprietary buy/sell indicator for the major indices, and mechanical trading systems. His expertise in many forms of market analysis have allowed him to provide one of the most reliable and accurate and financial market forecasting services in the business. Dr. Ter Schure covers the major domestic and international indices, their related ETFs as well as many individual stocks.


Mr. Kumar joined forces with Intelligent Investing October 2019. He calls himself “a calculated risk taker, who came to USA two decades back holding a degree in Electrical & Electronics engineering and with $150 in my pocket, in pursuit of a better financial opportunity.” Over 19 years ago, he began as an IT engineer working for a forex trading company developing their IT systems for trading. During that period, he developed a passion for trading. Just like many he jumped right into the market with no prior knowledge; tried and failed. But unlike many, he learned from his mistakes, evaluated his methodologies and came back stronger and better. Mr. Kumar always thought the stock market can be predicted. That belief led him to Mr. W. D. Gann who was able to predict the stock market 100 years ahead of his time, with great accuracy including the 2008 market crash. Mr. Kumar quickly became a Gann expert and combined his mathematical knowledge with financial astrology (planetary cycles and their correlation to the financial market) to predict the market very precisely and reliable short- to long-term. This opened a plethora of successes in his trading and started yielding consistent positive returns.

Since Intelligent Investing is all about accurate and reliable financial market forecasting it is no surprise Mr. Kumar was approached and joined. Some of his work is now featured daily in our Premium Member Major Markets Updates, but Mr. Kumar teaches all his knowledge gained through these years both technical as well as financial astrology through his services, which can be found on his website: finastrotrader.com

You can contact him directly to sign up for his class using any of the means below. It will be mind-blowing, guaranteed! Please don’t forget to mention you were referred by Intelligent Investing when you contact him.

Email: SKumar@finastrotrader.com
Twitter: FinAstroTrader
YouTube: FinAstroTrader
Phone: +1-510-274-1565


Business hours are 8am to 4pm PST, Monday through Friday.

*It should not be assumed that future performance will always be guaranteed and/or profitable. Nor will future performance necessarily equal past performance or past performance trends. All trading and investment decisions are the sole responsibility of subscriber.